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Why energy-saving effect Haixue island cabinet how outstanding? It is understood that Haixue frozen island cabinet adopts the cold air cycle technology, can rapidly reduce the temperature in the cabinet and truly throughout the temperature is uniform and stable, reduce the running time of the compressor, energy saving up to 30%, users said for the freezer in the field of 'energy-saving pioneer' is not an exaggeration.

Haixue Island cabinets in the design also has unique advantages, the 't' appearance design, changed the previous large-scale freezers monotonous appearance design, to increase the display area, with the top open the glass door design, color also optimized, main color is red, the cabinet body and realistic induced ice cream for figure, not only to business brand personality show incisively and vividly, also doubled to stimulate consumer desire. To achieve low energy consumption, reduce the terminal operating costs of the dealer, to enhance the income. Also Haixue also uses the fluorine free refrigeration technology, reduces the Freon has damaging effects on the ozone layer, which corresponds to the current trends of environmental protection.

Haixue island cabinet with handle basket design encryption and loaded goods is very convenient; island cabinet at the bottom of the optional casters, make freezer move more flexible.

Haixue island cabinet not only in energy-saving technologies, core component configuration and technique level to do the homework, and the details of the deal more intimate, more human nature of. Such as the use of anti dew tube design, can effectively prevent the chest mouth gel frosting, enhance the user experience; adopts aluminum alloy cabinet design, to adapt to the high-frequency goods import and the cabinet opening wear, but also will make cabinet opening are exquisite and durable.
At the same time, island Haixue counters on the preservation effect is eclipsing can effect locked - 12 degrees of chilled storage temperature, make fresh food fresh lasting, create 'on the tip of the tongue' health, nutrition and delicious.