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    Forced out of the international fan children'
    Compared with the domestic overall export growth lack of power, but the duckling freezer contrarian, 'international fan children full. Export list in the last quarter, including Denmark, Chile, Fiji, Lebanon, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore and Hongkong, more than ten countries and regions, have signed an order with the duck.

'Said to be ashamed, at first we have to spend great efforts to explore the international market, a lot of reason is because of the lack of funds, force us to do so.' Now comes the achievement in the international market, little duck Retail Equipment Co., Ltd., general manager said, 'different from international customers, domestic customers often use installment of the form, so before the company's cash flow problems appear repeatedly, in order to solve this problem, we were thinking about developing the international market.'

    I thought it was forced out of the freezer in the international market popular duckling. 'Our competitors are ninety-nine percent foreign enterprises, such as SANYO, Carrier, the United States, such as the United States, and they are very difficult to compete, must be technically leading.' Recalled the circumstances at the time, the company's technical manager Hu Zhaolong lead technical team can be said to have racked their brains, 'Europe and the United States market pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and the largest energy consumption of a commercial refrigerator is heat exchange, we after repeated test and computer simulation of mutual feedback. Finally, this optimization design, not only to meet the market demand, more let our product technology has the leading level in the world.'